Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Arte Italica Fab New Introductions

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this new collection from Arte Italica!
Called Amorini, it depicts hand painted delicate grapes and vines with a rustic textured border. The chargers are very rustic and are offered in red and a cool green.

You must enlarge this.  I took at the showroom in Dallas and they showed it with Murano Glass serveware.
There was also wonderful serveware in the Amorini collection.
I loved this cakestand and pitcher.  The whimsical cherubs were copied from an old Italian Fresco.  One of the main reasons I love this is because it's colors are so easy to play off of for any season, I can see this for a Thanksgiving table, and also for Christmas as the grapes look like holly.  I am considering this for one of my xmas windows......I know with An Arte Pura Tablecloth in the right color.......It would rock.!

This is the serving bowl... Just lovely......

This is Merletto introduced last year..The square platter used as a charger. 
Made with black clay and pressed with a pattern of lace....Offered in Antique White,and Aqua, the new colors are Sage, Bronze and Mocha. ( the latter two shown here ) With te Painted Rosone dinner plate.

Merletto aqua with the antique white....

Dress it up for holidays by adding a bronze charger..... 
 I think a holiday table tweaked with this motif would be wow!

These are some other new offerings... Dipping Bowls, Tureen and Casseroles Made with French Porcelain by Pillivuyt, and artisinal Italian pewter by Arte Italica...Don't you just love it when the French and Italians collaborate?!  Arriving in stores Mid September..... If you have an interest let us know....
I know they will be popular!!!!!

The Casserole with the Lobster top....More to come soon.......What's your thoughts on these...?????
For more new items check out Arte Italica's website http://www.arteitalica.com/


  1. Beautiful ceramics! Nice soft colors and interesting patterns.

    I have a great give away on my blog. A gorgeous Flokati rug!


  2. I love the combo of pewter and pottery
    Thanks for sharing

  3. I think I would be in big trouble if I came into your shop any time soon!! I think it is all beautiful, but my absolute favorite is the tureen with the lobster top - love it.

  4. Love these, and you are on the money. So beautiful.

  5. Arte Italica always has beautiful offerings.

  6. So glad you all like it! I think the pewter pieces for a beach house would be incredible. The dipping bowls have little anchors on them, and are shaped like shells.......Maryanne

  7. Loved all the dishes and the lobster casserole so interesting looking all the white serving pieces

  8. Love the tureens with the silvered tops! Very stylish and something special.
    And the 'rest' - just YUMMY!!!
    Greetings from Périgord,