Friday, July 22, 2011

Bringing YOU to market......

So what tempted me over at Lila Reed?????  These big oil lamps.....I loved these....
They come with decorative metal tops and a seperately packed liquid fuel....

You remove the decorative top, fill with the fuel and insert the colored ceramic lid.....
So Cool!  And NO BILLOWING SMOKE!!!!!!! There are little ones with butterflies inside..... (you may want to enlarge this......)

Another example of an apothecary jar...I don't usually like "FAUX" anything but the fruit is very pretty and would look great in a kitchen.  Besides being in building on the US Historic Register, I am very particular about what I burn in here.  If anything.

Gifts for men..... This company does fabulous, embossed leather books, journals etc.....
 The top one was for Birders ( bird watching) the second had noting to do with the LAW. A drink guide.

For a gentleman's gift I thought these were pretty nice!!!!  And appropriate.

Loved the shape of the luggage tag......I think this one belonged to Richard Burton.... or the Reagans... or...
you fill in the blank here......

I was tempted by this line of glass serveware........
A  tray with fsirly deep sides and smaller bowls to fill in or serve seperately.

Great colors!  For fall I like the ones on the right.......

I liked the curviness of this........

Remember I did the post of the gorgeous dinnerware????? Well here are the new intros....
Cream center with brown trim on the left and white center with taupe trim on the right....
The green, blue and yellow for summer have been very popular...... Oh and remember?
These are PLASTIQUE!!!!!
So what would you buy for your shop?????? And why????????


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  2. The glassware and luggage tags! Très chic.


    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  3. Um, I'm confused.... did I blog about sinks?

  4. i love the green glassware.
    the iol lamps are pretty cool too.


  5. Hi Maryanne,

    So many neat things, you have shown. I love the coloured glass serve-ware and the lovely plastic dinnerware - how neat they would be for a picnic.
    The oil lamps are fabulous too.

    Happy week

  6. Love the glassware...could be used for so many things!
    xo J~

  7. You shared a fabulous green glassware, it is best to keep in dinning room. Well, those lamps are pretty cool too.

  8. Hello Maryanne; Oh my, I'd want it all. I adore the choices for men, as we ladies never know what to buy them. The gorgeous plates because here in the South we can eat outdoors just shy of all year round. The oil lamps, truly unique and can imagine them being very popular. Actually..all of it, as first stated. Sounds like great fun hands down but tough decisions. Big hug to you and Robes.
    x Deb

  9. Wow lots of great stuff, but I can't that really real fruit in an oil lamp?

  10. Beautiful objects and what a great idea to fill them with wonderful colored berries!

    A truly lovely and inspiring post! Thank you Maryanne!
    Greetings from Périgord,

  11. I think these stuff are really awesome as gifts! I think the Apothecary jar looks colorful and would stand out in kitchen and dining. Thanks for sharing.