Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Glimpse of Beadboard Rehab

Not only do we make custom furnishings  like the dining chair above,
but we especially like to bring back old pieces with good bones.

I thought it was about time to show you some of my favorites and in some cases when we had the picture, 
of what they looked like BEFORE.

Like this table frame... A little Carrera Marble for the top and Voila!

A pretty coffee table or a great piece for the end of a bed.

Believe it or not this is a before.   I was going to keep this one and redo later.  But the frame color was so perfect for my client's house and we had been looking for the perfect chairs....So I offered them to her...

This has one of my favorite designers Carolyn Quartermaine's French Script fabric...

Love how these turned out.... She does too!

These are two more French chairs I rescued......In another client's house.
These were very hard to give up. But they have a great home!

This is a bistro chair we carry in the shop........

Same chair with Arte Pura Evento....(thought I'd "slip"some Arte in there somewhere!)

This is a matelasse slipcover we did on a more contemporary sofa and then added shell pillows.....

This is a before, a 19th century French Side Chair.....Silk fabric.. YECH!

Carolyn Quatermaine again..... This time in pink linen.  I love this.

I couldn't find the before picture for these but they were hunter green velvet......
Had a splat in the back,,,, so I thought I'd make it interesting by using contrasting fabric....

They didn't last long........

A classic wing chair we reupholstered for a client.

Same thing here .
This was a quilted Baker chair with dated mauves pinks blues...
We did in Seaglass linen and trimmed with a caramel linen in a 1/2 inch flange with pleats....

My favorite settee we did.....SOOO hard to part with this...That's why it is

Here at our entrance......!  Hope you enjoyed this peek at some of our work.;)


  1. Hola Maryanne, we have plenty of room inside the house... so don´t need to camp out, jajaja!!!
    It´s just exquisite to see everything you do in the furnitures and also what you have in your shop, ah! arte pura is an adorable luxury!!
    hugs dear

  2. Love your re-dos! I am dying to get down and check out your store...beautiful!

  3. Maryanne, I love all your work, and it's so much
    fun to look at the before and after pictures!
    Thank you!

    Flora Doora

  4. Hi Maryanne,

    I loved looking at your before and afters of your gorgeous range of furniture.
    All fabulous and it must be so hard to part with these lovely pieces. I adore the Carolyn Quartermaines French script and the Arete Pura slipcovers. Thanks for showing us.

    Happy day

  5. Maryanne, you have a great eye and can picture the "After" I have always loved the settee at your entry!

    Art by Karena

    Do come and enter my new Giveaway, a painting!

  6. I am dying to get down and check out your store...beautiful!

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  7. What a fab store you have and wonderful work!
    Met a friend of yours last week! Miss Mona!

  8. i am lovin' all of it.
    especially the louis oval backs with the contemporary
    fabric on the back.


  9. OMG. The settee is my all-time favorite but those chairs covered with Carolyn Quatermaine fabric are a close second. Just perfect restoration in each project. Thanks for the look see.

  10. I love it all. Especially the matelasse slipcovered sofa. Oh, and the before french chair. And the settee. Did I say I love it all? ~Delores

  11. Thanks so much for such enthusiastic remarks!!!!!And for Delores, I'm glad you liked the before chair too. A lot of dealers that travel are now redoing upholstery in burlap rather than muslin as it is more rustic and doesn't show dirt as much... That way you may not have to redo the piece immediately or at all if that's the look you like;) Maryanne xo

  12. The settee is perfect, and I love the chairs!