Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ma Bourgogne, Paris, JUST EAT

Restaurant Ma Bourgogne is one of our places to eat real French food in Paris.

Situated in the Marais on the corner of the Places de Vosges(where the x is) by Rue Francs Bourgeois, ( the great shopping street in the Marais) they serve us things you come to France to eat!!! They serve up steaks ( a thing like us Texans like to eat ) with the crispiest frites ever.

The archways go to the Place de Vosges.
Back to the food.

Here is Madame Marie Therese Cougoureux serving up a "portion" of the steak hache.The house specialty. We know it as steak tartare in the US.
We also love their giant size Escargot, and their foie gras is served with a big portion of aspic( jellee) that melts in your mouth. Wash it down with a coupe de Champagne or a carafe of the house red.

We saw Gerard Depardieu here, the locals love it, and it is a great place to just BE. Except for the Italian Fashionistas, all decked out in their Fashion Week ensembles who arrived for lunch on Sunday, 6 of them, seated right behind us, and I strongly suspect the one intern sitting next to her boss ( like in the movie The Devil Wears Prada )was in some borrowed pieces.
The Boss was in a sable and had agorgeous leather new handbag, obviously designer and pricey. Miss Intern had on a gold puffy jacket, and when her beer
was placed in front of her (and they have generous drinks here) somehow she knocked it over, shattering onto the stone floor, all over Boss's handbag(I offered an napkin immediately)and more importantly, her gold designer coat.... It doesn't stop there....Amid the bursts of Italian and while being watched by everyone in the loggia, she snatches the coat up and she and a helper go upstairs and SOAK the coat with water in the Lion's head fountain in the Loo, and they came down and to everyone's amusement,were ringing the water and the beer out of the gold coat out into the gutter! SOOO Classy! Then, for some reason they all departed
AAAHHHHHH Fashion!!!!!!!!!
(but it could have been anyone, we have been known to have our faux pas, especially Robes!!!!!!, He is watching me write this!)
For your own Ma Bourgogne adventures go to 19 Place de Vosges, Paris. AND
BRING CASH, NO CARTES CREDIT HERE. They don't need to...;)


  1. okay.
    i am dying.
    this is a fabulous snippet
    of your adventure over there..
    thank you baby doll.
    keep 'em coming, i am right there with you.

  2. I'm just green...and as is said..."It isn't easy being green!"

  3. Oooh la la! Too bad you did not get photos, better yet, VIDEO footage of this incident! So fabulous! I have to put Ma Bourgogne on my Must-Eat list for the next time I'm in the City of Lights. Thanks for the vicarious thrill!

  4. Would love to see the footage of that charade as well. And would really love to be there shopping, eating, and drinking with you guys, Have a fabulous time! How could you not?

  5. Mercy, you have had a very fun time.
    Loved the story. yvonne

  6. I just love your blogs and your beautiful pics! They make me feel as if I'm there in Paris. Thank you for sharing!