Monday, January 31, 2011

Paris! Arte Pura, OMG!

Ok, you all know we love Arte Pura, this line of gorgeous Italian bed, table and bath linens made in Carpi, Italy. We are so excited to give you a this first peek of more incredible new things to come. We are still the only source in the country for these fabulous designs from Daniella Delavalle, the creative force behind the line. Their display at the show was a SHOW STOPPER and mobbed.

We made sure to get there the first day as we hadn't been there for a year,
and had the pleasure of introducing this fabulous line to customers across the country
last March.

Remember this fabulous puckered stretchy slipcover we brought in for wooden chairs?????? Well it is crazy popular and is available in 32 colors, two new of which were introduced at Maison et Object.

What we didn't realize is not only can you tie to the legs of the chair but it is made so that you can take the extra strings and ruch up the sides to adjust to many different styles of chairs...

We even tried on some of the old Ethan Allen chairs with the curved Napeoleon top like the old Pottery Barn Chairs..... Gorgeous......(by the way we have had a parade of people bringing their wooden chairs to try these)

Here they are! The Spring colors! A wonderful pale coral that looks like the inside of a conch shell and a new pale butterscotch that they are pairing with white. We saw that color a lot at the show, and a lot pairing with gray, which in my opinion, is still very prevalent in many aspects of design because of it's versitility. It is still everywhere and being used in more and more innovative ways. What makes this slipcover more exciting than before?????? Well, THIS!!!!!!!!!

Now the Evento slipcover comes at no extra charge in this fabulous summer bag!!!!!!!!!
Stay tuned for more and if you want the new pictures of Arte Pura from the show email us. We are going to mail out to our AP Fans in the US and Canada shortly after we have all the information. They are as excited as we are! You won't believe how innovative the new offerings are.
Also, here on the blog we will have pics as promised from names like Pierre Frey, Designers Guild/Osbourne and Little, Christian LaCroix, Missoni, and the new direction from Flamant.........
AND A very provacative surprise.... Stay tuned!


  1. Oh my!! Completely divine!! :-)

  2. I could scream, so wonderful and delicate!!

  3. HI Helle!
    It looks like it would be delicate but actually it is very resilient! When we first got it and I took the slip out of the box it weighed about 5 pounds! I was amazed. There are two layers of linen with batting in the middle and they put a rubbbery substance on the underneath(not the skirt) so it soesn't slip all over the chair........They don't miss a thing.Maryanne ;)

  4. This is wonderful, a real great look


  5. Love the puckered stretchy fabric! Very interesting on the chairs. Could see them in my "Boudoir".

    Bon weekend - karin