Sunday, January 16, 2011

We will leave OUR Porchlight on for YOU. Tracy, Haley and Amanda

When Tracey and Haley of Porchlight Interiors and blog posted this right after xmas they had no idea what was lurking in the mind of Mother Nature.This was the opening shot of their after xmas post. Beautiful and in their lovely town/city of Brisbane, Queensland Australia.
Brisbane has always been considered the crown jewel of the northern coastal area known for the beaches , reefs and design. And so close to the water.

Things changed pretty quickly for them.

WAter was everywhere they had to evacuate their Interior design office and wait.

And Wait...

This was a picture of their street where their office was.......Good luck Tracey, Haley and Amanda!!!!!!!! We have been through this thing with Galveston, and New Orleans. We know you will pull through.... Our thoughts and prayers are with you.....
Maryane and Peter xxoo If you want to give condolences or encouragement go to


  1. Thank you posting this and reminding us.
    I hope things turn around soon for Brisbane!

  2. these pictures remind me of florida after a hurricane.
    this is just awful.
    i am glad YOU are DRY!!


  3. This is so sad. I hope the clean up is speedy.

  4. Thank you gorgeous Marianne and Peter! We are all fine - thankfully all of us live up high but it is devastating for so many who have lost everything. Hope you are both well - this time last year we were all in Paris! Tracey & Hayley xx